These Illustrations Brilliantly Show Disney Princesses As Civil Rights Activists

Disney Princesses have always been symbolic.

They mean beauty, independence, dignity, and self-respect. They shape the very outlook of the child, and it doesn’t have to be a girl. See, even boys learn from Disney movies on how to treat women. Like princesses. So, one illustrator, Amanda Allen Niday, re-imagined them as social activists!

Credit: Amanda Allen Niday || Instagram

This isn’t the first time they’ve been “re-imagined“, and they always mean something greater than who they’re forced to be.

Nevertheless, it’s a great set of images that the illustrator made for Woman’s March. They’re inspiring, and incredible, and motivating. These are for girls what superheroes are for boys. They’re telling girls to stand up for themselves! To speak up and be who they need to be!

Credit: Amanda Allen Niday

Each Disney princess has their own unique strength.

Mulan broke traditional gender stereotypes. Women can do everything that men can. Snow White said there was no harm in embracing them if you liked them. Ariel taught to be unafraid of what your parents want for you and be who you want for yourself.

Credit: Amanda Allen Niday

Jasmine rejected being a prize, and Tiana refused giving up.


Credit: Amanda Allen Niday 

They’ve been icons for feminists all over the world. And now, you can truly see them embracing girl power.

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