This guy drew the Disney princess sidekicks as pokémon, and they’re awesome

Disney princesses and Pokémon? Sign me up!

Wilberth Gonzalez is a costume designer and illustrator based in NYC. Recently, on his Instagram, he posted pictures of his creations. Disney princesses with Poké-Sidekicks!

#1 The Little Mermaid

Wilberth Gonzalez || Instagram

Her seashell bra is replaced by Starmies. Flounder’s become a Magicarp. And Sebastein’s become Krabby. Even Ariel’s lower half is Gyrados.

#2 Tangled

Wilberth Gonzalez

With Maximus as a Rapidash, and Pascal as Squirtle.

#3 Pocahontas

Wilberth Gonzalez

In this beautiful depiction, Meeko’s become an Eevee. Percy is even a Slowbro!

#4 Aladdin

Wilberth Gonzalez

Instead of a pet tiger named Raja, Jasmine has instead a pet Arcanine named Raja. Abu is a Mankey!

#5 Snow White

Wilberth Gonzalez

I wish to be honest here and tell you that this deeply unsettles me. I can’t imagine creepier things than being surrounded with seven Mr Mimes.

#6 Brave

Wilberth Gonzalez

Donning a Poke-Piercing, the Witch turned Merida into a Tangela!

#7 Sleeping Beauty

Wilberth Gonzalez

Butterfrees, Oddishes, and Farfetch’d galore; Aurora is having the time of her life dancing with her prince!

#8 Cinderella

Wilberth Gonzalez

Before she loses her shoe again, here’s Lucifer as a Meowth and Jaq and Gus as a Rattata and Ratticate.

#9 Mulan

Wilberth Gonzalez

Mushu becomes a Dragini, and Cri-Kee becomes a Caterpie!

#10 And an original Pokemon, the Poketato.

Wilberth Gonzalez

Look at the detail, the wisdom, the intelligence behind this Pokemon. Mew-Two better watch out.


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