Disney Princesses Themed Lingerie Sets Are Now A Thing.

Disney was everyone’s childhood. You get to see Disney costumes every Halloween. Sure, dressing up is fine, but what about dressing down? Disney themed lingerie is now a thing, and people have very different opinions on it.

An online lingerie store, Yandy, has recently released a new set of lingerie – all Disney themed! 6 of them have been launched and they’re very sexy. Four more are pending. From Elsa to Aurora, you’ll find all the Disney princesses there. However, not everyone is very happy with the idea of their childhood being used to promote something to wear in bed. And some find the raunchy underwear very amusing. It’s also very affordable, less than 30 dollars a pair!

Check them out and share your views with us.


#1 Jasmine


#2 Snow White


#3 Pocahontas


#4 Ariel


#5 Elsa

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