Bikinis And Disney Combine To Create Disney Princess Bikinis

Did you ever want to hit the beach but also wanted to be a wonderful Disney princess at the same time? Guess what? It’s not just a fantasy anymore.

Enchanted Bikinis is a startup brand that makes available gorgeous  and stunning bikinis, hand crafted might I add, designed after iconic Disney princesses. Whether you’re feeling a little Belle or a little Jasmine, you can don that look and take it to the beach.

And here we have Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Pochahontas, and Rapunzel.

Each piece is fully customizable, and you can order any size from small to extra large, so that all women can truly feel like the Little Mermaid when they swim in the ocean.

They also have Cindrella and Aurora sets too!

You can order them now, as they’re available on their website, but it might take some time for you to get your order, especially since they’re all made lovingly, by hand. If you want that Snow White set you got your eye on, you better order it now so you can rock it during the summer.

Get your girlfriends to buy a set too, so you can own the beach with the flair and gorgeousness of the princesses that you lot are!

Look like a princess, feel like a princess, and now, finally, rock the beach like a princess.

Ariel’s a regular fish-out-of-the-water. #DisneyPrincesses better be trending on Twitter after this. I want a set for the pure sake of having one.

Ariel’s set even comes with a little Trident, so you can really  channel your inner mermaid.

Snow White is totally rockin’ that bikini. Hubba hubba.

Those seven dwarves were a lot luckier than I remember.

Nothing like unwinding by the pool after dancing with Prince Charming well after midnight, am I right, Cindrella?

She gets it.

Credit where it’s due: https://enchantedbikinis.com/

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