If Disney Movies Featured The Police

Ever wonder why the police never saved Cinderella?

The stepmother is a child-abuser and Scar murdered Mufasa. Where were the police? They should have arrested them immediately!

For plot convenience, they had to make sure that police were nonexistent. So, Paul Westover, an illustrator for College Humor, created these tiny little comics of popular Disney movies (ruined by) having police.

#1 Cinderella and the child abuser.

#2 Scar and the framed nephew

#3 Hostage situation

#4 Missing person investigation

#5 Interrogation

#6 Breaking into other people’s homes and kissing the sleeping women

They’re all hilarious and get a smile out of you. Bravo to Westover for creating these, and you can check out the original post at College Humor here.

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