20+ Times Disney Movies Made No Sense At All

We all love Disney. But sometimes, while watching a Disney movie we see things that make us go: What the heck Disney?! There are plot holes that would be utilised! I mean, yeah, sure, I’m being silly while complaining about the logic and consistency of movie with personified emotions, but still! They need to answer these questions asap!

1. If Buzz Light-year thought of himself as a toy then why did he freeze every time people came in the room?


2. Why did Tarzan have an American accent if he learnt to speak English from an English woman?

3. In 101 dalmatians, how did one single dog giver birth to 99 puppies?

4. How the heck are cars created in cars? Is car sex an actual thing?

5. How did nobody else in the kingdom have the same shoe size as Cinderella’s?

6. In Aladdin, why didn’t anyone recognize Jasmine when she hid under a simple cloak?

7. “Why didn’t any of them think, ‘Holy shit, we just trampled our king to death?!’

They made no attempt to stop, go around him, or even check on him afterwards. I would think MURDERING YOUR LITERAL KING would warrant SOME KIND of reaction, yeah?”

8. How did Mulan’s makeup not smear all over her face and come off so easily?

9. In Beauty and the Beast why didn’t Belle recognize Adam even though he literally transformed right in front of her eyes?

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