Disney Is Launching A New Streaming Service On Their Own, That’s Gonna Poke One More Hole in Your Pocket

You Won’t Be Saving Much Of Your Paycheck After This.

Everyone has watched a Disney movie or show at least once in their life. Whether you are a fan of Disney or not, you have to admit Disney is one of the biggest Companies to exist. From toys to games, it is literally everywhere.

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Let’s Be Real; Nobody Really Pays For Cable Anymore.

Why would anyone, anyway? You can watch whatever you want whenever you want through streaming services like Netflix, Amazon And Hulu. Nobody likes to wait through advertisements and wouldn’t you rather binge watch?

To top it all off, it is also much cheaper than actually paying for cable. Who could say no to that? You only need the Internet and you are set.

Disney Is Also Launching Their Own Streaming Service.

Just imagine for a moment. You would be able to watch any Disney movie whenever you want. You wouldn’t have to wait till the movie is shown on TV. Talk about dreams come true.

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We are going to have to wait a while longer though. As it is said to be launched in 2019. Are you going to subscribe to their service when it comes out? Or you’d rather just pay for cable? Whatever your decision, I am sure many people are ecstatic about this Disney decision to launch a streaming service.

Via Disney
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