10+ Illustrations By Disney Artist As To Why A Pet Octopus Would Be Great

Brian Kesinger is a story artist for Disney

He works at at Walt Disney Animation Studios to create plot and characters that we all inevitably fall in love with. But that’s not all he does. Kesinger has something extra up his sleeve. He’s also the author and illustrator of Walking Your Octopus: A Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod. 

The context of this story makes all of the illustrations even cuter. It’s steampunk meets Disney with a whole lot of cute. In it, a green haired woman by the name of Victoria adopts an eight legged Octopus named Otto.

And the worlds explored by Victoria and Otto are just fantastic. You can support Kesinger by buying his book! You can also check out the following helpful links.

Amazon || Instagram || deviantart 

#1 Here we see Otto being adopted

#2 Helping Victoria with her bath

#3 He feels so embarrassed!

#4 Steampunk, Disney, and Doctor Who. My life is complete

#5 Cooking can be easier with eight more limbs

#6 Underwater exploration and the land of Otto’s ancestors

#7 Snow Angels!

#8 Having a pet octopus looks awesome!

#9 Off they go!

#10 Bathing is probably a lot easier with an extra four pair of limbs

#11 Masked ballroom dancing

#12 Exterminate!

#13 Awww. Otto’s jealous

#14 Halloween special

#15 They went on a safari and Otto made some friends

#16 He’s a painter too

#17 “If I can’t see her, she can’t see me.”

#18 She fell asleep reading to him

#19 Weeping Victoria Angel

#20 He’s very handy

#21 But he hates baths.

#22 Darth Victoria

#23 A bit of octo mood lighting

#24 Who’s a good boy?

#25 Avast, ye scurvy dawg!

#26 Her umbrella is Otto’s home

#27 They went to space too!

#28 They also went grave digging

#29 And airship riding

#30 Victoria gets ready with his help!

#31 They even take part in other cultures together

#32 They’ll put an end to the Empire!

#33 Dia de los Muertos!

#34 Aww, he’s embarrassed!

#35 Look at them rocking out together

#36 Mad Max: Victoria and Otto

#37 She takes him out on walks too

#38 Just follow the yellow brick road

#39 *Angry Scottish yelling in the background*

#40 Otto’s extremely talented. He even knows how to put on henna.

You can view the entire gallery at his deviantart! Give Kesinger some love.



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