Comics About Disney That Will Make You Reconsider Everything

Disney, everyone’s childhood. I remember watching trailers of an upcoming movie on Disney channel and barely containing my excitement. And then watching that movie countless of times. We have all caught ourselves singing a Disney song too. If you say you haven’t, you’re lying. We also know all the classic inspirational princesses; Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, Jasmine, etc.

So, we collected a few Disney related comics, that might not be according to what you expected. But they’re hilarious anyway. Some of them even a bit twisted, but that’s what makes it fun. Check out these fan-made Disney comics:


Ben Zaehringe

If that was me, I would’ve killed the poor dwarves with my cooking, even without the poisoned apple.



A purr-fect ending!


Adam Ellis

Every cat, ever.



Should have just gotten her an HP laptop instead.


Ben Zaehringe

Foot fetish?


Paul Westover

So, that’s how mermaids give birth.


Adam Ellis


John McNamee

A more realistic Cinderella story.



So that’s why the staff was cursed too!



Seven shades of White.


Adam Ellis


Electric Bunny Comics

Princess Tip: Always be specific when talking to the villain.


Adam Ellis

Don’t be rude, Belle!


Chris Allison

Real beauty is on the inside…


Emmy Cicierega


Jeremy Kaye

A chicken supporting a fried chicken business?



Competition going on in the princess world.


Amy Kim

No mom, It’s not Stockholm Syndrome.



That’s very selfish of Elsa.



Do your homework, princess.


The Pigeon Gazette

Well, maybe Cinderella isn’t that different from us after all!



She should have made the birds explode like Fiona from Shrek did.


poorly drawn lines

Or, she could just make a rope out of her hair.



How can you expect her to hold it back?


John McNamee

Everyone is beautiful. Don’t be judgemental.


Ben Zaehringe

How embarrassing…

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