Disney Characters Reimagined As Victims Of Anorexia

Mental illness is a very serious issue

Men and women all over the world battle this on a daily basis. Children as young as five years old have been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. And that’s just nerve wracking. It’s not an issue about vanity or image. A person can be absolutely and phenomenally gorgeous, but they will still think they need to lose weight. They can be extremely overweight, and still be anorexic because it’s not a physical problem.

It’s a mental one.

To raise awareness of this issue, artist Saint Hoax created an image series called “The Royal Misfits.“. It is harrowing to look at, and that’s precisely the point. Mental illness isn’t glamorous, or beautifully tragic. It’s ugly and aggressive, and it kills you. That’s what the artist wanted to get across.

#1 Princess Jasmine

Saint Hoax

By taking these characters that we’re all so used to and reimagining them, the artist has forced us to change our perspective on the matter.

#2 Hercules

Saint Hoax

We don’t always relate to the problems of a stranger, but we have grown up with these characters. They’re basically family to many, and that’s exactly why it’s so disturbing to see them like this.

#3 Snow White

Saint Hoax

And that’s basically the point. Issues like mental health can’t be swept under the rug. Just because they’re more difficult to detect doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

#4 Prince Eric

Saint Hoax

Mental illness doesn’t care about gender. Just like either man or woman can break their bones, either can become a victim of this.

#5 Princess Ariel

Saint Hoax

It’s the “They shouldn’t have done this” feeling that the artist is trying to get across. These images, for whatever they made you feel, at least portrayed the suffering of those who have poor mental health. Even if it was done partially.

Saint Hoax has a website and a Facebook page if you wish to show support.

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