Proof That Disney Characters Love Food as Much as We Do

We all love food, that’s just a fact. It may be what fuels our bodies, but if it’s delicious and tasty, it also fuels our souls and is a great way of bringing people together. In fact, it seems like there’s only one group of individuals who enjoy food even more than us and that is Disney characters.

Don’t believe me? Here we have a list that showcases just how much these characters love food – and some of them aren’t even supposed to eat (when was the last time you saw a candlestick chomping down on a sandwich?). So without further ado, here are the characters that may love food even more than you do – whatever you do, don’t try to take their favourites away from them…

#1 Winnie the Pooh


This bear’s love of honey is so great; he likes to mention it at every possible opportunity, along with complaining he is “rumbly in his tummy.” If that wasn’t enough, he also sang a whole song about being hungry and wanting golden honey. That is some devotion right there.

#2 Abu


This cheeky monkey makes a living out of stealing so he must know what it is like to go hungry. That’s probably why he never wants to share his food.

#3 Alice


When Alice is in a bit of a pickle, she eats. When she is doing fine, she eats. Alice is basically all of us.

#4 Beast


He lives in a castle with servants so excited to serve food; they make a whole song and dance number about it. He must have had some pretty¬†great feasts back in the day. Speaking of his servants…

#5 Lumiere


This candlestick is an expert in the art of fine dining- what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. Plus, he sings a really catchy song as you eat. 10/10 dinner party guest.

#6 Rolly


This little Dalmatian pup just wants to be fed. “I’m hungry Mama!” We know Rolly, we all know.

#7 Heimlich


This caterpillar clearly loves food – you can see it in the way he cradles that piece of candy. Maybe if he eats enough, he will become a beautiful butterfly.

#8 Meeko


And lastly, we come to the racoon who loves the finer foods in life; he was willing to sneak onto an enemy ship and face the wrath of the captain’s pug for it. Now that is being a food lover.



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