Disney ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Are About To Be Released

Cards Against Humanity is an infamous card game

It brings out the worst in you, and the jokes are god-awful. From vulgar, to profane, to genocidal, CAH is supposed to make even the most well behaved people devolve into vulgar cavemen.

But the thing is, it’s also crazy fun. It’s a fill-in-the-blanks kind of game, where one card presents a scenario, such as, “When I was young, the thought of _____ kept me smiling.”

Simple enough, right? Other people throw in cards which replace the blanks, and while that sounds innocent, “When I was young, the thought of Jewish genocide kept me smiling.” does not.

For CAH enthusiasts, I have good news. There’s a Disney pack coming out soon.

Black cards represent scenarios

Cards Against Humanity/Instagram/Chezrepww

And white cards represent answers

Cards Against Humanity/Instagram/Chezrepww

And just because it’s Disney themed, does not mean it’ll be SFW.

I highly recommend against playing this with your grandma, unless she enjoys jokes about how Donald Dick is how Walt Disney liked to unwind. But still, with this new princess, fairy tale, and magical selection of cards to play with, who knows what awful jokes you can make?

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These crass jokes can be the life of the party. Are you sure you don’t want to invest in getting a white card that says “Quasimodo’s private time with his bells”?

Because I sure would.

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