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Amazing Vintage Pictures Of Disney Animators Studying Their Reflections To Draw Expressions

Amazing Vintage Pictures Of Disney Animators Studying Their Reflections To Draw Expressions

Disney has always been, and will always be, an important part of our lives.

From making us laugh to making us cry, back to making us laugh again. There’s nothing Disney does better than make us feel. They have charming characters and endearing character traits. And they just don’t seem to go away. It’s stood the test of time. And I have little doubt that the generations to come will feel the same way as us.

It does, however, beg the question as to why they’re so endearing? Why do we grow so attached to certain characters?

Well, one of the many factors include the time and effort the animators put into making the characters. To get them just right, they often have to rely on a source. A model.

What better person to study expressions on than the person themselves?

When the animator needs to draw a scowl, they pick up a mirror, create the expression they want, and work off that. It’s both hilarious and charming and just fascinating to see.

#1 It’s not just Disney either, but the Warner Bros. animators also used the same trick.

#2 From grimaces to exaggerated sadness, the animators did it all.

#3 And they did it because they loved their craft and work.

#4 Even Tom from Tom & Jerry went through it.

#5 A lot of people think artists just up and start drawing. That’s not exactly true.

#6 There’s a lot of trial and error period involved. A lot of experimentation, and a lot of work. But the animators worked tirelessly to create our childhood.

#7 Even now, computer programmers often do the same thing these guys did.

#8 From studying expressions of shock, horror, fear, suprise and cheekiness, they did it all.

#9¬†It’s just such an intriguing and fascinating look.

#10 It has countless people hooked.

#11 At least now we can see why we fell in love with the characters that we did.

#12 The effort the animators chose to put into it paid off tremendously.


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