Disney Actor Jake Paul Faces Possible Lawsuit With His Neighbours

Jake Paul is a prominent Disney actor and YouTuber

And he’s made some pretty big news in the past. All of them revolve around someone or something finding him “obnoxious” or “distasteful”. The reasons being that his antics have caused a lot of damage in the past. With over 8 million subscribers on his Youtube, and a whole lot more having seen him on Disney’s Bizaardvark.

He got into trouble because of his stunts

His neighbours got together and are discussing a class action civil lawsuit that has made the neighbourhood Jake Paul lives in to be, well, unlivable. In an interview, right after he climbed on top of a van and jumped on it, and right before he stole a camera, Paul said, “I feel bad for them, for sure.”

Also adding, “There’s nothing we can do, though — the Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there,”.

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On Twitter, he deflected the whole situation

Apparently throwing furniture in the pool, and setting it on fire, as well as sharing the location of where he lives to millions of fans so that the streets are swarmed and everything is a circus is just him being a “bad” neighbour.

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