10+ Disgusting And Crappy Cakes That Some People Actually Had To Eat

Do you have mean friends?

The kind that smash your face in your cake on your birthday? Or do you have an embarrassing family? Do they ruin your hopes and dreams in an attempt to be funny?

You might not know people like that, but there 12 poor souls who do. Unless these people have a really twisted sense of humor, the cakes below are absolutely disgusting. Imagine having to eat a cake like this on your birthday:

#1 I hope those aren’t real cigarettes.

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#2 A cake for nurses.

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#3 Cake straight from hell.

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#4 That’s just twisted.

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#5 Imagine cutting that.

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#6 Ultrasound cake.

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#8 Did you shit on the cake?

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#9 Okay, literal shit now.

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#10 What is that thing?!

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#11 So, apparently people find birthing cakes CUTE?

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#12 Go on, cut that baby.

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