10+ Disgusting Cannibals Who Will Seriously Freak You Out

Cannibalism at its core is seriously disgusting.

I know that some vegans make the argument that it is just the same as eating animals. Well, I don’t think it’s the same at all. You are ending another human’s life just eat them and no matter how much we say that animals have the same value as a human…

That is 100% wrong. So when a human resorts to eating another human being for survival or simply being a horrendous killer, we get freaked the f**k out. So today we have compiled 18 of the most freaky and disgusting cannibals to date.

There is going to be some seriously disgusting pictures and stories underneath so stop reading right now if you have a weak stomach.

#1 Omaima Nelson.

Via Oxygen, Murderpedia

Omaima Nelson was actually a model and had a good life. So we have no idea what caused her to kill her own husband and then cook him. And I don’t buy the excuse that she ‘freaked out’.

I freak out a lot of times. That doesn’t mean, I kill someone and then eat them.

The former model was convicted in California in 1993 of killing, dismembering, and cooking the ribs of her own husband in November ’91.

She insisted that she acted in self-defense, and that anything she did following the murder happened because she “freaked out” when she saw the blood.

Anna Kopsky

#2 Tamara Samsonova, “The Granny Ripper.”

Via CNN / Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Samsonova might look like an innocent granny but she is far from it. She has killed and eaten over 11 people. She even kept a diary that detailed all of her crimes that eventually led to her arrest.

Samsonova is a 71-year-old Russian woman who murdered and ate at least 11 people and kept a diary detailing her crimes.

She killed her friend by drugging her salad with sleeping pills and using a handsaw to dismember her while she was still alive.


#3 Tsutomu Miyazaki.

Via Murderpedia / instagram.com

While each and everyone on this list is disturbed in the head. Miyazaki might just take the cake of the most disturbed person ever. He not only killed 4 people, he also slept next to their corpses and drank their blood.

Miyazaki was executed in 2008 after being convicted of killing four young girls in 1988 and 1989 in Japan.

After murdering each victim, he slept next to their bodies, drank their blood,and ate some of their body parts.

He never said he was sorry, and even told a psychologist that despite his crimes, he was a “gentle man.”


#4 Armin Meiwes, aka “The Master Butcher.”

Via Barcroft TV / Craigslist / Anna Kopsky

I can’t blame only Meiwes for this. As all he did was post an ad online. The one who came to his house and let him cut off his penis did so with his own free will.

In 2001, Miewes posted an ad online, saying he was looking for someone to eat.

One man was interested, showed up, took 20 sleeping pills, and downed schnapps before Meiwes cut off his penis and fried it for the both of them to share.

The man died, and Meiwes was sentenced to life in prison in 2006.

meganf21 and maddyl4d

#5 Issei Sagawa.

Via Visual Voodoo / Flickr Creative Commons / Rusty Clark / Via flic.kr

This is clearly a story about a man who loved someone ‘too’ much. Enough to kill and eat her for several days. After all, isn’t kissing and eating a human the same?

The Japanese man fell for a woman named Renée Hartevelt while he was in France in 1981, and invited her to visit where he was staying.

There, he snuck up behind her and shot her in the head. He ate her flesh for three days until he was caught in a park with two suitcases filled with her dismembered body parts.


#6 Ottis Toole.

Via Murderpedia, Flickr Creative Commons / Via flic.kr

He was serial killer before but became a cannibal when he decided to eat one of his victims. Maybe the fridge was empty and the only thing in the house was the corpse?

Though he worked with another murderer named Henry Lee Lucas to kill six people in Florida and Texas until the early ’80s, Toole was the only one who ate a victim. He removed part of the person’s leg and barbecued it.

He was given five life sentences in 1983, and died in 1996 of cirrhosis, a disease found in the liver.

-Christopher Penn

#7 Olesya Mostovschikova.

Via Murderpedia / Flickr Creative Commons / Maya / Via Flickr: mayam

It takes a seriously psychotic person to kill a person in front of their kid. But this person did it. And then to top it all of, she ate her ‘friends’ different body parts.

While Mostovschikova’s own son watched, she axed her friend to death before cooking and eating the body parts.

After her 2009 arrest, she admitted to police that she “cut off her ears, gauged out one eye, cut off an arm, and a hand… [then] cooked these body parts in the oven.”

She’s currently serving a 15-year prison sentence.


#8 Albert Fish.

Via Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain / Getty Images / Anna Kopsky

This man killed a 10-year-old and then ate her. To make it even more horrifying, he then wrote a letter to her parents telling them how ‘tasty’ she was.

Fish met up with a man named Edward Budd in 1928 with the intention of killing and eating him.

But when he met Budd’s 10-year-old sister, Grace, he decided to eat her instead. He then wrote a letter to Grace’s parents, saying she tasted “sweet and tender.”


#9 Vince Li.

Via CTV News / Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via en.wikipedia.org

What makes this story all the more disturbing is that many passengers should have surely been scarred for the rest of their lives and yet this man, who beheaded a person and then ate him is currently not in jail.

While aboard a packed Greyhound bus in 2008, Vince Li stabbed and beheaded a 22-year-old man.

He proceeded to sever the rest of the man’s body parts and eat them in front of passengers. He was found not criminally responsible due to mental illness, and is currently free.


#10 Andrei Chikatilo, the Rostov Ripper.

Via Fair Use

Killers don’t usually look that different from ordinary human beings but they clearly are. As evident by this man who killed, mutilated and ate countless young woman until he was caught.

On the outside he seemed relatively normal: He worked as a telephone engineer, then as a schoolteacher.

But in 1978, Chikalito began mutilating, raping, and killing young women. In many cases, he actually ate their genitals or cut off the tips of their tongues.

He was convicted in 1992 and executed in ’94.


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