We Tell You Dirtiest Thing You Are Willing To Do In Bed According To Your Zodiac Sign

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 9, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

Zodiacs are the signs of your birthday.

Most people already know what Zodiacs are, but the reason they’re so important is that of their relation to the stars and the universe. It was a particular alignment, and on the day of your birth, a billion random factors were coordinated so perfectly that you were brought into the world.

And they’re said to be able to tell us parts of our personality that we don’t even know exist. What about these? Does yours apply?

Aries – Horseplay

Aries like power and dominance, and there’s just something satisfying about them climbing onto their partner’s backs. The female Aries are more sadistic too.

Taurus – Coprophilia

Taurus like all things Earthly and natural. If you take that to the extreme, that means coprophilia, which is just a very fancy way of saying they have an attraction to bodily excretions such as poop and pee.

Gemini – Toys

Known as excellent multi-taskers, Geminis enjoy having toys and gadgets with them. It adds an extra layer of feeling, and allows them to experience things while also nothing how much they enjoy them.

Cancer – Incest

Timider than most zodiacs, cancerites¬†don’t have much. Except incestuous roleplay. They won’t admit it, but they want you to pretend to be their relative to really get them off.

Leo – Exhibitionism

They like the spotlight and being in the center of attention. Hence, they’re fans of exhibitionism and being recorded. Lights, camera, action.

Virgo – Punishment

Virgos are prudish in nature, but that makes then sexual deviance all the more crazy. Because they’re so prudish, they think they deserve punishment for enjoying it so much. Masochism or cuckold.

Libra – Foreplay

Foreplay is the entire course. They like detail, so even if there’s no going through with the intercourse, you can keep a Libra satisfied by simply giving them hours long foreplay.

Scorpio – Violence

Violence, pain, dominance, submission. A scoprio has high latent sexual tension, and if you’re going to bed with them, I highly recommend a safeword. You’ll need it.

Sagittarius – Multiple partners

Sagittarius are hunters, and they like the thrill of the chase. As such, they’re often prone to wanting attention from more than one person at a time, which leads to them having multiple partners in bed.

Capricorn – Control

Power and control is the name of the game. Spanking, paddles, gags, anal sex, all will be involved. And it’s not just guys either, girls will be willing too. Capricorns crave control.

Aquarius – Experimental

Extremely experimental, an Aquarius is curious by nature, and willing to try anything once, and most things twice. So you can take them in any direction, from food, temperature play, to even electricity.

Pisces – Prostitution

Pisces are selfless and givers.  They want their partner to have all the pleasure, and they attain their pleasure from it. As such, prostitution, either real or fake, are both acceptable for them.

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