Tumblr Thread Perfectly Summarizes How Different Countries Cook Their Food And It’s Hilariously Accurate

Tired of getting the famous recipes wrong? Then this is exactly what you need to see.

It doesn’t matter if you are a foodie or not when it comes to trying out different cuisines nobody says no. The never-ending variety of different cultural cuisines is just simply irresistible, especially if you are tired of having the same type of meal every day.

However, sometimes it’s confusing as to how to properly cook something according to its regional recipe. Delicious food requires perfect ingredients and the correct method of cooking. Today we are going to share with you some of the most hilarious and accurate representations of how different countries cook their food.

Have a look. Scroll down!

#1 Most accurate representation.


#2 Nice and easy.

#3 And the legacy continues.

#4 This can’t be more real than this.

#5 Start over.

#6 The solution to every Australian recipe, ever.

#7 You just can’t.

#8 It’s ok, the food still loves you.

#9 And a little bit of more maple syrup on top of everything.

#10 That’s all you need.

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