Students Are Sharing The Difference Between College & High School Teachers, The Results Are So True & Hilarious

College Is Quite Different Than High School.

No, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is more difficult. No matter how much your high school teachers told you so. The following tweets would have us believe college is not how it seems to high school kids.

Surprisingly, it is quite chill. Who knew? You see, college has started for many freshmen across the U.S. So people are starting to learn what college is really about. It seems like those high school teachers were lying.

Remember When They Told You College Teachers Will Be Tough? Yeah Not So Much.

Just Putting It Out There.

At Least They Tell You How it Is.

And Yes, They Totally Want To Be Your BFFs.

This Has Become A Phenomenon Where Every Student Is Tweeting About The Difference Between High School And College.

Huh, Good To Know That.

High School Teachers Were Always Going On About How College Tests Were Going To Be Impossible.

Turns Out, College Is Pretty Chill.


They Seem To Be Just Like Us.


College Professors Have Lives Too, You Know?

Yes, They Are Down For Bribes.

You Will Be Able To Get Infinite Amount Of Extra Credit.

They Aren’t Afraid To Tell You Their Opinions.

And I Mean Not Even A Little.

Remember The Whole MLA And APA Fiasco? Well Turns Out It’s Not True.


Someone Couldn’t Have Told Us This Sooner?


Welcome To College!

Is your College like this? Or just as High School teachers warned? Well, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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