This “Difference Between Men And Women” Article From 1995 Is Going Viral And Not Everyone Agrees With It

Difference between Men and Women.

This is a very debatable topic with mixed views and opinions. There are tons of differences and similarities, but we aren’t really discussing that today. Instead, we are going to talk about a specific passage from a book published by the author and former journalist Dave Barry in 1995 called “Complete Guide to Guys.”

There was a passage from that book that explained the difference between men and women in such an accurate and hilarious way that people are still talking about it 23-years later. Dave is known for his writings that are full of useful information and humour that also sheds light on different ongoing social problems. So, the extract that we will be sharing with you today is nothing less!

CAUTION: The ending will make you cry from laughter!

Scroll down and enjoy!

Dave Barry| Complete Guide to Guys

“Complete Guide to Guys,” by Dave Barry.

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It starts simple.

But this is where the trouble begins.

Things are not always what they seem.

This is straight-up hilarious.

Isn’t this the perfect representation of how men and women think?

Honestly, this keeps getting better.

Basically, it’s sort of like this.

Anyway, let’s continue.

Oh, come on Roger!

Everything was going the way it was until this exciting twist.



And finally, Roger comes up with something smart.


Thank you.

And so the two call it a night, head towards home, and carry on with their routines.

As for Elaine…

And finally, this is what happened.

The End.

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