Diet Shake Company Has Been Nagging This Woman So She Choke Slammed Them With This Brilliant Reply

Another ‘miracle’ weight loss product.

Many people are trying to lose weight to be healthy, including me. What pisses me off the most are the so called ‘miracle’ shake, pills, creams. You know.  I didn’t know that they were scams when I was young.

The people behind these products have no idea how their products affect the mind of an impressionable young gal. And it is truly disgusting behavior. Charlotte Rollin, a 20-year-old fashion communication, and promotion student feels the same way.

You see a specific company kept sending her emails about how they wanted her to be their brand ambassador. They were also getting more and more aggressive at the moment as they kept sending her emails until she finally responded. I am quite sure they would have wished she didn’t.

She replied with a very powerful message.

Following is what she said.

I had hoped the absence of my response would prevent you from contacting me again, however seeing as you have now emailed me three times regarding this ‘collaboration’, I feel a need to reply and hopefully prevent further correspondence.

It is quite apparent to me that you have not taken the time to look at my previous social media posts or even have an idea of the type of the content I create, as if you had, you would most likely be aware that I in fact have suffered with anorexia for the past 5 years.

I therefore would, under no circumstances, even consider promoting a diet or detox drink on my social channels, which many follow as they also suffer from mental health issues and use as a reassurance that they are not alone in these struggles.

I find the nature of your product to be damaging, and I know for a fact that these shakes are not a healthy way to lose weight, even for those that have a genuine, non-disordered desire to do so.

Moreover, it is very suspicious to me that you have over 10,000 followers, yet most of your Instagram posts have less than 20 likes. This is a clear indicator to me that your business and following is not a legitimate one.


She isn’t lying about the 10 likes thing.


It also turns out she wasn’t the only one being contacted by the company.

Others were just as honest as Charlotte was about their thoughts.

What do you think about this whole deal?

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