Guy Tweets Devastating Story Of His Friend’s Marriage Collapsing And It Escalated To Worst

A marriage collapsing has never been this funny.

Well, actually that is never funny, but this guy somehow made the impossible happen. You see it all started when one guy decided to lie to his wife. She had specifically told him not to gamble but gamble he did and then lied about it.

As you can imagine, it all blew up when she found out that he had been lying to her. To make it all the more hilarious, his ‘so-called friend’ live-tweeted the whole thing, and we are loving it.

So scroll on below and take a look before I ruin it all for you.

Source: Twitter

The bovada screen.

NBA picks.

Voice of reason.

The real issue is his lying.

Bad time.

Getting an uber.

Rough day.



Poor choices.


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