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Shocking Detail Everyone Missed In The Latest GoT Episode Beyond The Wall

Shocking Detail Everyone Missed In The Latest GoT Episode Beyond The Wall

GOT Creators Love To Put Tiny Little Details In Every Episode That Make Us Question Everything.

Spoiler Alert: This post is has major spoilers for season 7 episode 6 of Game Of Thrones. 

I think everyone can agree that the new episode of Game Of Thrones left us all in amazement. There was an amazing fight between Jon Snow’s squad and the white walkers.Last but certain not least, Daenerys came to the rescue and burned hundreds of white walkers, losing Viserion in the process.


We Were Scared For Jon Snow And The Others But Daenerys Came Through At The End.

Her coming with her three dragons and burning hundreds of white walkers was a sight to see. Who doesn’t like dragons? This episode sure was a roller-coaster of emotions and the fans were left sobbing by the end as Viserion was turned.


The Night King has his own personal dragon now.

He will also probably breathe ice rather than fire. Now, that would be interesting to watch. We also know that The Night King also has some other interesting creatures hidden away like the bear we saw in this episode.


Jon Snow Has Gone From A Bastard Son Of Ned Stark To Fighting With The Queen Of Dragons Beyond The Wall.

While we are happy to see his progression. The newest episode also proved a prophecy that we’d rather not see come true. You see, when Jon Snow came out of the water pit and lifted his sword. The Wolf head pommel actually had it’s eye open. No, I am not kidding.

Yes, it had its eye open.

You see many think that ‘Long-claw’ is a magical sword. Many think that it actually has a soul trapped in it. According to the prophecy the sword belonged to a great warrior by the name of Azor Ahai who forged it with Valerian steel. So what does that mean exactly?


It Might Mean The End Of Daenery’s Targareyn.

Many sources on the internet say that the sword forged by the Valerian steel was called ‘Light Bringer’ and Azar Ahai killed White Walkers with it. You see, he carved the sword for 30 days and nights but when he ran it through water, it broke. Then he spent 50 days and nights carving the sword until it broke again after he passed it through a lions chest.

At last, Azor Ahai spent 100 days and 100 night working on it and he stabbed his wife with it, who he loved very much. This sacrifice made the sword the legendary ‘Light Bringer’. This does not bode well for Daenerys.


Remember The Fortune-Teller In Qarth?

The fortune-teller told Daenery’s that she will face three betrayals. One for blood, One for gold and One for love. Betrayal of blood has already happened, as when the witch brought back Khal Drogo. Betrayal of gold happened, when Jorah didn’t tell her about the assassination that had been planned.

The betrayal of love has not yet happened however, So if Jon really is Azor Ahai, Will the third betrayal come from the King Of The North? Or does the prophecy mean entirely something else?

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