A Twitterite Noticed A Hilarious Detail About ‘The Dark Knight’ Movie & We Can’t Stop Laughing

The Dark Knight is one of the best superhero movies of all time.

It immortalised the great acting prowess of the late Heath Ledger and the directing brilliance of Christopher Nolan forever. One of the highest grossing movies, with amazing acting and fantastic dialogue, the Dark Knight became the most memorable movies of the 21st century.

In it, you’ll remember that there was a scene where the Joker came to visit Harvey Dent in the hospital. And there was a specific interaction between them that was… Peculiar.


Yep. It’s been nine freaking years, and we didn’t notice.


Nothing to see here, just a goth nurse.

Clark Kent vs Joker


Do you feel in charge?

Does he look like a guy with a plan?

All it takes, is a little push.

Other people defended this.

It’s the tweet we deserved, but not the one we need.

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