10+ Designs That May Have Sounded Good On Paper But Are Awful In Practice

Design flops probably irritate me more than they should.

Because I keep imagining how many people would have had to think that this was a good idea for it to go through. Dozens of people who were good at what they do, and proofread or quality check the goods decided “Yep, even though I’d never use it, I’m sure there’s someone out there who would.”


If you think I’m being unreasonable, just scroll on yourself. There’s a reason why I’m so miffed.

#1 Dishes with ants designed on them. Why would you eat in this?

© Dpretzel / reddit

#2 This shower with no room to enter. Who thought it was a good idea?

© owa1313 / reddit

#3 This rather inappropriately placed picture to colour in for Easter.

© jamalabe / reddit

#4 Extreme wheelchairing is the next biggest sport coming to a TV near you.

© Planeguy58 / reddit

#5 This grip was such an integral piece of the design, and I’m glad they were able to let us use it.

© Imadethosehitmanguns / reddit

#6 Warwickshire police force made this as a way to find a criminal they were chasing after.

© A_Dios_Alma_Perdida / reddit

#7 Nightmare Spongebob has come for your soul.

© unknown author / imgur

#8 An advertising poster that almost got away with it.

© SubZeroNexii / reddit

#9 The circle on this meter isn’t aligned properly and I’m going to go insane.

© barkbork123 / reddit

#10 Instructions unclear, accidentally created a new global warming disaster.

© Renaldo__Moon / reddit

#11 How the hell did this get past the proofreading? Someone left a video in a text book.

© bust3ralex / reddit
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