17-year-old Designer Makes Her Prom Dress The Night Before, Becomes Internet Hero.

We’re all a little guilty of procrastinating every so often

I mean, after all, if it’s…

Whether it’s that paper that makes up half your grade, or that essay your teacher warned you not to delay. We, as a collective species, have the unhealthy habit of postponing things that should not be postponed. Such as the relatable, yet extremely talented, Shami Oshun.

Oshun is a seventeen-year old fashion designer,

She’s extremely talented, and when she makes a decision, she sticks by it, no matter how hard it gets. Point and case: Oshun was initially undecided about going to the prom dance, but at the very last second, she decided that she would, in fact, go. By that, I mean she had less than 24 hours to find herself a dress, and being the fashionista that she is, she decided to make it herself.

The time limit didn’t bother her one bit

She said “I didn’t really have an idea of what the dress was going to look like. I was worried it wasn’t going to be finished,”

So she started by buying a whole bunch of purple tulle. It cost her $15.

It looked a lot like Dr. Frankenstein at work

With her taking bits and bobs from other dresses to add to her own. However, unlike Frankenstein’s Monster, Oshun’s creation wasn’t a monstrosity, it was absolutely gorgeous!

She let her instinct guide her

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