Twitter Is Confused & Can’t Stop Laughing At The Design Flaw In Religious Bumper Sticker

Car bumpers are a great way to show people what you’re like.

It’s like a personal touch to your vehicle, something to make your car a bit more your own. Whether it’s showing people you love Game of Thrones, chicken, or God, a little sticker goes a long way. But you have to be sure it’s not… Over the top.

Or difficult to read.


Why would someone shame another for eating tuna? Or are they shamed for catching tuna?

Turns out, it’s not exactly “Tuna shamed” but the “t” is actually the Catholic cross, followed by “unashamed”.

You’ll be forgiven for reading it as a T because others did too.



You better be tuna-shamed. Look at it’s face.

-Unintelligible mumbling.-


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