20+ Design Fails That Are So Terrible That It Makes Hard To Believe That They Happened

You Can’t Always Come Up With Great Idea’s Even If You Are A Professional.

The following pictures show just that. As, You might have already seen some of these in real life. You might have come across a sink with a marble design that looks like it has shit smeared all over it.

You might have even bought a pool float that surprisingly looked like a panty liner. That is why we have compiled this list of many horrible designs. You might be thinking what the hell were these people thinking at the end of this article.

#1 Made By Professionals, Installed By Idiots.

Via alaingx

#2 This Is What Is Known As Very Efficient.

Via LeyendaV

#3 This Should Be Known As A Little Shop Of Horror.

Via Agent_Orange7

#4 The Impossible Quiz.

Via imgur

#5 This Is What Is Known As Very Secure.


#6 I’d Rather Not Drink A Platypus’s Period.

Via Solero93

#7 Proof Of Evolution Right Here.

Via imgur

#8 Is This Why My Life Is Such A Mess?

Via KiKenTai

#9 I Don’t Think That’s Accurate.

Via MeatballPeanuts

#10 Are We Sure This Is Not An April’s Fool?

Via veethis

#11 Does This Remind Anyone Of Game Of Thrones Wall?

Via iiooiooi

#12 Well That Is Definitely Helping People.

Via Frank Farm

#13 I Am Afraid To Know His Super Powers.

Via Vekyo

#14 He Feeds On Honey And Your Nightmares.

Via pheromonekvlt

#15 This Is Twisted On So Many Levels.

Via BoxBopChallenge

#16 Europe Doesn’t Exist In That Universe.

Via Hand_Blanket

#17 They Couldn’t Possible Show Every Hole Though.

Via Rustyray84

#18 Brains Or Boobs? You Choose!

Via PM_me_your_spacegoat

#19 When You Want A Near Death Experience Every Time.

Via Peeped

#20 Do They Cook These Only Once A Month?

Via Imgur

#21 My Brain Just Melted.

Via Xadacka

#22 Three Faces, Four Pairs Of Legs.

Via Xadacka

#23 It Forces People To Appreciate The Scenery.

Via Leland_Stamper

#24 Mars Attack!

Via manngg

#25 Those Eyelashes Though!

Via Imgur

#26 It Is Okay If They Are Free Range Children.

Via howaboutthatgod

#27 Just Take Both And Wait To See Which One Kicks In First.

Via johnnysmart

#28 What Do You Even Say To This?

Via sploodify

#29 Parenting Fail! At Least Give Him The Right Hammer.

Via CanadianUkr

#30 Please Be Considerate. Poop Out Wires While Holding Over-Sized Chopstick.

Via ManiBePoint
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