#DescribeLoveBadly Results In Hilarious Tweets And They’re Not Wrong

Love is always described as this perfect, amazing thing

And oftentimes, it is, but to get to that point, people have to go through very real problems. Those are things movies, TV shows, and just the general media often forgets to say. True love isn’t happenstance, it’s blood, sweat and tears, just like everything else that’s good in life.

So, when Twitter users decided to explain love in the most terrible way they could, they not only succeeded… They were kinda right.

Sure, maybe it’s not the most accurate and reasonable explanation, but they’re not wrong.

#1 It’s not love, it’s just lack of hate.

#2 Sums up getting married

#3 Anger someone enough to kill you and then hand them a knife

#4 I’d kill you but then I’d be alone

#5 The moment when you take your bra off after a long day

#6 Delicious and greasy

#7 This is love

#8 Dropping a deuce in some peace and quiet


#9 I mean… I guess.

#10 Yeah, it’s a bad idea, but so what?

#11 It’s a medical condition

#12 Where the girl can never make up her dang mind

#13 I don’t know what to do with this, but thank you

#14 Not wanting someone else to die kinda

#15 Confirmed, cats are love

#16 Here’s everything you need to ruin me

#17 Pizza is love, pizza is life

#18 Someone who you can sleep with but can also leave you alone

#19 A bad joke so bad it’s good

#20 Augustus Goop, Augustus Goop


#21 I’d like my usual



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