Denny’s Roasted People Who Don’t Tip On Twitter But Backlash’s Swift & Furious

There’s a stupid concept in America.

There are a lot, but specifically, there’s a concept of tipping. It’s where employees aren’t legally mandated minimum wage. Repeat that again, but slowly.

In America, there are workers, who you’re legally allowed to underpay.

Talk about the ‘Merican dream.

But Denny’s, a great eatery, decided to take a prod at people who don’t tip. The result? Lots of angry people dissing the company for not paying proper wages. It all started with this funny joke.

And the backlash was immediate and hilarious.

Meme after meme popped up absolutely eviscerating Denny’s.

Everyone should be legally guaranteed their wage.


The workers should never have to rely on the kindness of others to pay their bills.


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