Tumblr User Tells Story About A ‘Demon Gets Adopted’ By A Grandma & It Needs To Be A Freaking Movie

Who knew a writing prompt would turn into something this beautiful?

Whatever I say about the following story is probably not enough. Because the only way you’ll believe that this short story made many people cry is if you read it all yourself. I know that it sounds like such a weird concept…

However trust me, you won’t be disappointed. You wouldn’t expect a story about how a ‘Grandmother mistakes a demon as her grandson’ to make your cry. Even though that is precisely what it does.

So rather than listening to my boring rambling, scroll on below and take a look at this amazing story.

Source: Reddit

First, an adorable picture to suck you right into the story.

This is basically the story summarized into five lines.

And so the adventure starts.

First, the grandmother’s house is described in quite the detail.

The demon, however, quickly realizes that it must be a mistake.

However, his summoning circle is right in front of him.

And that is when the old woman walks in.

And she is just as surprised as him.

But not for the same reason he is.

Because she soon mistakes him as her grandson.

Her grandson who is a ‘human.’

And that is when it starts to get even more interesting.

But the Demon just writes it as a happy mistake.

And does as she asked if only to humor himself.

It is clear that the old lady is quite blind herself.

And her loneliness makes her all the more adorable.

As it is clear that she doesn’t receive visitors anymore.

The demon, however, seems to be good-mannered.

And she assumes that his change in voice is because of his taste in music.

The demon eats the mushy cake nonetheless.

The demon then realizes the mistake the old lady made.

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