Demanding Letter From A Relative Asking For Things To Bring At Thanksgiving Is Most The Ridiculous Thing You’ll Ever See

Who says you shouldn’t try to make everything perfect?

I am sure many of us have already heard about ‘The Marney Letter’. If you haven’t, then you have seriously missed out on a lot for all these years. I mean, it is kind of a classic Thanksgiving tradition. So even if you have read it thousands of times, let’s give it one more whirl, shall we?

It starts out innocently enough.

I mean, she isn’t wrong. Why is she supposed to do all the work, so it is perfectly fine asking her family to help with the preparation. Now that we are done with all the ‘weather talk’. Lets get on with the real stuff.

This is where it starts to get a tiny bit passive-aggressive.

She is using bold letters. It must be that she means business, right? And I agree with her 100%. Why do people always try to pass on the soup spoon as a serving spoon?

Either you listen to her, or your dish gets thrown out. Your choice!

Every family gets their own set of instructions specifically tailored to them.

Am I the only one who likes turnips?

No pressure? Are we sure?

Why not gallons? Is there something wrong with drinking a lot of water?

I honestly don’t know how Mike is.

Why don’t you just give them the whole recipe? All the hints, tips and tricks are really getting on my nerves now.

Because marriage automatically means you are good at cooking.

Won’t any knife cut it?

It was later learned that Michelle made five qts of mashed squash and had to eat all of that in one sitting. She later got sick, but at least she wasn’t beat down passive-aggressively by Marney.

Why does June get the short end of the stick? Do you really hate her that much?

I love this woman though.

I don’t think anybody is looking forward to the 28th except you.

Following is a dramatic reading of the letter if hearing it once wasn’t enough.

And if your Marney meter is still low, check out this video.

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