10+ Posts On Tumblr Deep As Any Ocean That Will Definitely Drown You

You’re going to keep reading these over and over again.

Do you contemplate over life often? Do you worry about your existence? What are your 2 AM thoughts? Here we have some really deep posts for you which will make you feel like you are in an entirely different world. Some of these people actually made a point while with others, I just felt like they were drunk.

Trust me; these posts are definitely going to blow your mind away.

1. Who microwaves mayonnaise?!

2. Is there something wrong with wearing jeans to bed?

3. What a wicked idea.

4. More like the president of titty city.

5. There’s some deep shit right there.

6. *Betrayal feels*

7. Oh come on now, that’s rude.

8. It really turned out great for the both of them at the end.

9. I wanna read the rest of the story.

10. So deep.

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