Deaf Student Gets Shocked As He Realise Other People Can Hear Him Fart

What is it like to be deaf in a hearing world?

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be deaf? Living with deafness can be as daunting as it is challenging. It is a visually based life which is often overlooked by the general ‘hearing’ public. However, even though we will never be able to embrace what its like to live without hearing, writers have given us a glimpse of what it can be like to be deaf with characters like ‘Quasimodo’ from Hunchback of Notre Dame and ‘Professor Calculus’ from Tintin. It lets readers picture themselves in a series of visages to go deeper into how they’d feel if they were deaf.

To have never heard any sounds, deaf people have a difficult time dealing with a hearing impairment because they don’t understand many experiences as hearing people do. And considering the circumstances, explaining ‘how farts work’ to a deaf 1st grader can be equally grueling.

Via Less Artsy

Anna Trupiano’s deaf student farted loudly in class. And while every student turned to look at the kid, he had no idea that hearing people could hear farts.

The kid was so embarrassed that he wanted people to stop listening to his farts, he thought it wasn’t nice.

However, all the kids laughed hysterically when they found out that everyone, including their mom and dad, farts.

It was a never-ending spiral of questions for Anna!

Did you know that green smoke doesn’t come out of your butts when you fart? Let us know in the comments below!

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