Woman Asked Internet To Help Her Identify A Dead Cat So Internet ‘Helped’ & Delivered The Best Of It

Finding a dead animal near your place is awful.

There’s the gut-wrenching feeling of sadness and sympathy for the animal, something that’s many times worse if you’ve got a pet of the same species. Seeing a wounded dog hurts more when you yourself have a pet dog at home. Seeing a cat dead by the road hurts more when you’ve got a cat yourself.

That’s how it happened for one Kimberly Griffiths, who made a post on the Facebook Group 50 Shades of Halifax.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I have just found a cat in the road it has been hit by a car and has died I am looking for its owner so if anyone up highroad well lane or near is missing a black and white cat (think its male) please could you contact me … Or if anyone knows how to dispose of a dead cat not belonging to myself that will also be helpful information thanks in advance

As you can see, it was a very sincere post.

Source: Halifax, Yorkshire

It’s actually Fillip Sklodowska that this story is about.

See, as I mentioned, it hurts more to see a wounded animal if you yourself have a pet like that. Fillip here, supposedly has a cat as well, and as you can tell by the onset, this is going to be a very difficult conversation for dear Fillip. He’s the reason why this story blew up so rapidly, and while we don’t know whether he’s trolling or just can’t understand, it’s certainly entertaining.

The one-liner that had people in stitches?

“Like that but cat”.

People parodied him, as expected.

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