Mom Made A Meme For First Time & Internet Is Loving It More Than Dad Jokes

Mom Memes Are The Best.

Mothers have a way of making us feel better about everything. Yes, this includes making awesome memes, especially when you consider how the Internet is filled with them. The following meme has something special going for itself. A mom made it.

Via Twitter

Meet Michelle And Her 20-Year-Old Daughter, Sasha.

She’s been making puns (bad ones and good ones) for as long as I can remember. I’m convinced she can definitely out-pun anyone.

Ever since she found out what a meme was, she’s been having way too much fun. She always gets really excited when she makes one and sends them to me. It’s honestly the cutest thing.


On The Fated Day Of The Solar Eclipse, Michelle Was Getting Annoyed By All The Warnings TO Wear Protective Eye Wear. So She Created A Meme As That Is The Logical Thing To Do.

Via Twitter

She ended up making the joke as a response to all the warnings. She was very proud of it and decided to turn it into a meme.


Michelle Soon Texted Her Daughter About The Meme.  “Hope it goes viral even though I didn’t put my name on it.”

Via Twitter

Not Surprisingly, It Did Go Viral. It Has Over 90,000 Re-Tweets Now.

Twitter Was In Love With The Meme.


I Think Everyone Would Agree With That Decision.

That Is A Big Honor. To Get Certified From ‘The International Academy Of Memes.’

Many People Were Even Sharing Their Own Mother’s Social Content.


“This is the kind of wholesome, genuine content we need in these dark times.” One Person Observed.

Both Michelle And Sasha Concluded On Calling Michelle Memer Mom.

She’s also very happy to have gained so many new Instagram followers and seeing all the nice comments on there has really made her day too.


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