Here’s What Happened After This Guys’s Family Finds He’s Been Dating Someone Outside Their Religious Faith

It has been said that love is blind. Therefore it doesn’t require any religious teachings, neither does it accept the rules that the world has made.

But shit gets annoying when you are dating somebody out of your religion and especially when your family comes to know about it. I find it ridiculous that people still lecture their adult sons and daughters, who are completely capable of choosing whatever is right for them. Giving a suggestion is acceptable but giving an order is surely not, especially when it’s about spending your entire life with somebody.

I’m going to show you a similar debate that sparked between a guy and his aunt after his aunt found out that the guy started to date outside of his faith. But there’s a catch; the guy is an atheist.

See, this is an excellent example of how people (who are not even parents) would poke their nose into our lives. Despite the fact that he’s an Atheist, she still wants to lecture him about that girl!?

That’s why religion can be toxic at times.

I believe there are still people like this, who can’t come out of The Stone Age! Come on, give that guy a break.

FFS, leave the unborn kids alone.


Technically, telling them they are Jewish without even giving them a choice isn’t forcing the belief upon them.

There, the guy made a good point!

Humanity must come first, indeed.

I like how the guy is responding to his ignorant Aunt!


No, Ma’am, it’s not just the Jews who are being victimized, there are other religions too, but that’s not the whole point in the first place.

People tend to generalize their argument and speak on behalf of the entire community by quoting a percentage. Come on!

Jews being less racist!? Say that again?

So, here’s the end of the conversation, folks.


What did you think about this conversation? Do you think aunt had valid points while the guy did not? Could the guy raise better points in his defense?

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