10+ Hilarious Dashboard Coincidences On Tumblr That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Hundreds and thousands of posts are being uploaded to Tumblr every day. Therefore, dashboard coincidences aren’t really that big of a deal. But, for many reasons, they sure as hell are funny as heck! They will, for real, make you have a good dose of a laugh! Although, there are a lot of naysayers that claim these are photo-shopped or planned. However, for now, let’s just assume they’re legit and enjoy the randomness.

Here are 10+ hilarious dashboard coincidences on Tumblr that will make your sides hurt:

1. The madness has begun!

2. The cat days are beginning.

3. Who wants to?

4. How to.

5. When lesbians have long nails in porn.

6. Seriously, I need a job.

7. I still look out of your league.

8. I’m commando right now.

9. What even?

10. Merceline eating a strawberry.

11. So majestic.

12. The trick is to stay in character.

13. Facebook now translates gay!

14. Unusual.

15. It’s a giraffe.

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