Dark And Macabre Fantasy Illustrations That Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine

What do you get when you combine fantasy and dark world together?

You get the following mesmerizing illustrations that will deeply chill to your core. Sabbas Apterus is the amazing artist behind the following dark and macabre illustrations that show the fantasy world with a dark twist.

His work is not only captivating, but It is also quite creative, and you can clearly see the hard-work represented in each and every piece of the illustrations. So that is why we have compiled some of his best work together in one easy list for you to enjoy.

Source: Instagram | Artstation

#1 The red-haired angel.

#2 Zombie.

#3 Carnage.

#4 Pin-up model.

#5 Posing with bones.

#6 Selfie.

#7 Smile.

#8 For the camera.

#9 From behind.

#10 Soulless eyes.

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