10+ Dark AF Family Circus Comics That Will Need You To Wash Your Soul For Laughing At Them

Family Circus is one of the rare timeless pieces of our media.

They’ve been a comic series since the 1960s and they’re still ongoing, initially sketched by a father-son team of Bill Keane and Jeff Keane. What it consists of is simple and typical scenes of a family usually in a circular border. Someone has, since then, taken these comic strips, and added their own captions and twists to them. A whole host of these were posted on Imgur,

I put a disclaimer in the title to warn some of the emotional hemophiliacs that might find this conent offensive, I don’t believe any of these scenarios would be funny in real life this is more me laughing at the mind of a person that would caption things in such a way kind of like some of the comedians that I grew up loving that held nothing sacred like Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Maher etc. I’ll mark mature time as though not to offend some people if necessary, sorry.

Source: Tumblr | Imgur

#1 TV.

#2 Roomba.

#3 Space isn’t real.

#4 Camshow.

#5 Our kids suck.

#6 Fortune cookie for China.

#7 Crips and Blood do not mix.

#8 Jesus performs a miracle.

#9 Bob and Mary.

#10 What did you learn in school?

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