10+ Really Dark Comics That’ll Make You Cringe At Their Endings

This artist has outdone himself!

Mike Organisciak is a writer as well as an artist. He has created these dark, dark comics combining your daily life with some completely bizarre things just out of the blue. They are so creepy that they’ll give you the chills!

From kids to the elderly, everybody will love these comics with a twisted and entirely unexpected ending. Beware; some of these endings might be too sad for you. Well, go on. Check them out.


1. Oh, Genie.


2. Uh oh. This looks bad.

3. Imagine the disappointment.

4. Be careful about what you wish for.

5. The advantages of having a dog.

6. No guilt. Only satisfaction.

7. Grandpa would rather have the time of HIS life than seeing his grandson have it.

8. There’s always a secret behind an excuse.

9. Getting down RIGHT to the business!

10. A new sense of music.

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