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Artist Accurately Illustrate Her Daily Life With Her BF In This Comic Series & It's Too Relatable

Artist Accurately Illustrate Her Daily Life With Her BF In This Comic Series & It’s Too Relatable

Follow the adventures of an ordinary couple.

Well, as ordinary as a couple can be. Now you might think daily life doesn’t bring much adventure and who would want to read a comic about that? As it turns out loads of people love to read comics about the simple things. I don’t blame them either. They’re the cutest things ever.

The artist behind these illustration is Sarah Graley and she is a full time comic artist who is currently living in the UK. She also loves to draw about her daily life as she lives with four cats and one ‘cat like boy’.

Illustrations by Sarah Graley.

#1 Well, Now we have the answer to that.

#2 The final stage of a relationship!

#3 It always means so much more in cat language.

#4 The booty meter is satisfied for now.

#5 I understand where her obsession with butt comes from.

#6 That is the deepest love.

#7 Yup, That’ll do it.

#8 The secret has been revealed!

#9 How can you not wanna touch it?

#10 The stinky ghost is back!

#11 Maybe take off the hoodie? Just a thought.

#12 Who wants to reach for hands when you’ve got snacks!

#13 Now, that is delegating.

#14 Well, that certainly puts a dent in things.

#15 I understand this 100%.

You can check out more of her work at her website as she is quite an amazing illustrator. Comment on below as to what you though of these great comic.


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