Dad’s Dramatic Reaction To Wife’s Suggestion Of Getting A Fake Tree Has Become The Last Meme Of 2017

Some people can be quite dramatic.

This surely applies to the following dad. He had quite a dramatic reaction when the wife suggested they get a fake tree than a real one for Christmas. However, I understand his reaction completely.

Why would someone want to ruin Christmas? And getting a fake Christmas tree definately ruins Christmas.

Meet the Napoli family.

Via Madison Napoli

It all started when Madison (Daughter of Joe) overheard her mother jokingly suggest that they get an artificial tree this year. Apparently, he is quite serious about this kind of stuff, so he really didn’t get the memo that it was just a joke.

Madison did say that “He’s pretty melodramatic at times.”

Via Madison Napoli

So this was his reaction to his wife’s ‘suggestion.’

The whole thing is freaking plastic! I don’t know what’s happened to you and I know I can’t solve it, so I’m just going to let it go.


His reaction is quite hilarious.

Via madnap21

He was genuinely passionate about getting a real Christmas tree. My mom knew it would get under his skin a little bit.


And I am not the only one who thinks that.

Via BraidenDiebold5

I can relate.

Via hristinsolis1

Just look at that rage-filled face.


Many people understood where he was coming from.

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Via SidSpellman

Whose life isn’t like that?

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I see potential for a meme here.

Via McMoad30

Damn, They beat me to it.

Via TroyHaze_

That is understandable.

Via Devinkfitz

They are playful with each other and She was just teasing him. I got a lot of comments saying my mom was ‘messed up’ for laughing at the end, but I guess I would like people to understand that my parents have the healthiest marriage I’ve seen.


And we can confirm that they did get the real tree.

Via Madison Napoli
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