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‘DaddyOFive’ Loses Custody Of Two Children Featured In Prank Videos

‘DaddyOFive’ Loses Custody Of Two Children Featured In Prank Videos

Some people would do anything for fame and fortune. YouTube “prankster” DaddyOFive just lost custody of two of his children because some of his “pranks” went a bit too far.

The Martins, Mike and Heather, are the most hated parents on the internet right now. (Let’s not talk about the McCanns today). The Martins control this YouTube channel and are seen bullying and abusing their children as sick excuses of “pranks.”

Their family is an interesting mix, though. It includes Heather’s three sons, and Mike’s children Cody and Emma. If you’re wondering what the videos consist of, let me tell you:

They aren’t pranks. It’s just a series of videos that include the parents screaming rude things and abusing their children, breaking the kids’ toys and electronics and watching them cry and scream. Cody makes suicidal remarks and cries hysterically. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find that funny at all.  


The fact that their channel is very famous, with almost 750K followers, baffles me. Do people enjoy watching emotional torture and abuse? Really? And they make a whopping  $200,000 to $350,000 annually from these “pranks.”


They were defensive about their behavior.

When the Martins were confronted on the internet about their abusive behavior towards their children, they defended themselves. They uploaded a video where they addressed their “haters” and said that what they do is acceptable, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just “jealous.”  “This is how we run our house. This is our family,” was Mike’s way of justifying his abuse towards his children.


However, the tables have recently turned on the Martins.

The mother of Mike’s children, Rose Hall, demanded custody of the children. The children are now with their mother and doing better than before. “They’re doing good,” said Hall. “They’re getting back to their playful selves.” 

The Martins posted an apology video. I linked it, but trust me, its a waste of time. There’s crying and confessing, but it doesn’t look all that genuine. They are saying things like:

“This has been the worst week of our life, and we realize we’ve made some terrible parenting decisions,” said Heather.

“During this week we’ve had a lot of time to stand back, to jump out of character, and to see what we’ve done and to see how we’ve come across, and I understand how everyone feels,” claimed Mike.

I CALL BULLSHIT. Do you know what they had to say before this? Check this out:

Oh, and the videos aren’t deleted. Just on private.


It’s sad to think people would physically and emotionally abuse their children just for money. And Mike had the guts to call the people who wanted to save his kids “evil.” Seriously?

The New York Magazine reported: “Hall, who lives in North Carolina and had custody of Emma and Cody until 2014, alleges that the children were taken from her illegally and unfairly and that the Martins forged paperwork from her granting them permanent custody, and used intimidation tactics in the ensuing custody battle,”

“Hall also alleges that she made Maryland authorities aware of the DaddyOFive channel in October, though Maryland CPS has claimed that they were unaware of the videos until the scandal broke. Detective Drew Robinson at the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina confirms that a police report including the videos was filed on October 17, and says the office passed the information to Maryland authorities.”

Hall’s video with her lawyer calmed everyone down a bit, as the lawyer claimed that the kids are in a “deprogramming sort of mode” and thanked everyone who reported the Martins.

We just hope the kids recover soon. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.

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