Dad Of The Year Has Fun With Costumes And Baby Daughter

Father Sholom Ber Solomon took parenting to a new level

The vintage shop owner out of California was always a little eccentric and had a flair for theatrics, but he’s upped his game by introducing his baby daughter Zoe. At only 9 months old, she’s gone through an incredible amount. Hunting, arrest, gnome, gardening, a literal bucket of fried chicken.

Zoe and her dad, Solomon, have went through it all.

Not only will they brighten up your day, it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The Cookie Monster one was probably my favourite. Don’t forget to share yours!

#1 Speeding ticket

#2 Father-daughter hunting

#3 Gnomeo and Solomon

#4 Growing a Zoe

#5 Aloha ʻOe

#6 Childish graffiti

#7 Kentucky Fried Zoe

#8 Level twelve Hazard

#9 Ballerinas

#10 He added way too much detergent

#11 Taking “Where’d Solomon go” to a whole new level.

#12 This isn’t the right recipe…

All the images can be found on Sholom Ber Solomon’s Facebook page! The dynamic duo are certainly worth your time. Who knows? They’ll might end up getting another smile or an “Awww!” out of you yet.

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