This Dad’s Powerful Twitter Post About Toxic Masculinity Is Winning The Internet

Truly heartbreaking.

There resides a thing in this world called toxic masculinity. Gender specifics, and a “girls” or a “boys” thing. Well, this thing is pure crap. It leaves a lot of people in this world heartbroken.

Children are left disappointed and unhappy, as they can not be their true selves. It leaves a huge mark, and it is entirely unacceptable!

Here’s one example.

Scroll down, see it for yourself!

Aaron Gouveia, a dad of three, shares with the world a heartbreaking Twitter thread of how toxic masculinity broke his five-year-old son, Sam.

It was an unnecessary situation created by Sam’s classmates, following totally messed up gender norms!

Aaron works in a PR firm, but also runs a parenting blog “Daddy Files“. Aaron starts by letting us know that Sam is what the world calls a “proper boy.” The truck loving, dirty-handed, sporty kid. But also, has some personal choices which make him feel good. Unfortunately, the world cannot see those choices and Sam together…

Aaron writes –

“This is my son, Sam. He’s 5. And today he learned how shitty and harmful #ToxicMasculinity is. My rage meter is spiking right now so excuse me if this is a little raw but there are some things I want to say about BS #gender norms (a thread)pic.twitter.com/NtoE2VHKsU” 

An introduction to Sam.

Sam likes carrying things around. What’s wrong in that?

Trust me, Sam, you have the cutest nails.

His classmates couldn’t see him happy, so he was bullied for being happy.

And then…

All he wanted was for them to stop making fun of him.

This completely shattered me!

After all this, Sam. You are perfect.

Aaron says that toxic masculinity is just an inappropriate gender norm taught by toxic parents, which is 100% true.

Well, fortunately, they won’t be…

Aaron had this to say.

Sam’s dad told him just what was right, to only care about how he feels about himself.

They will see Sam rise, trust me, and they will burn!

YES! That’s true! Ironically, these two people are the “idols” of those boys, most probably.

This isn’t just for Sam. This is for everyone!


Sam’s elder brother painted his nails for Sam. Yes, my friends, that is family.


“Intolerant parents and their offspring scored a minor victory today, But they won’t win the war.” – Aaron.

Lastly, Aaron had this to say, with a surprising gift attached.

Aaron’s thread had over 33,000 retweets! Also, he got a splendid response from several other parents who came to second Aaron’s comments on the situation. They gave sam their love, which Sam totally deserves! Here’s some…

Sam got huge support from around the globe!



Sam got immense love and support after Aaron’s thread, according to BuzzFeed News.

“When I read those supportive tweets to him this morning and showed him pictures of men and boys with nail polish in support of him, it gave him the confidence to go to school with his nails painted this morning for the second day in a row,” – Aaron.

Well, I have to tell you, Sam. Even though those classmates hurt you that day, you won the war and our hearts…

More power to you, angel! Live long!

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Source: Buzzfeed

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