Dad Tweets The Most Hilarious Answers His 5-Year-Old Gives To His Questions & She’s Little Too Savage

James Breakwell is a popular individual on the internet.

He’s a father to the sassiest daughters anyone could ever have. From her love of Frozen and Star Wars to her hatred of boys, she’s now 7 years old and her sass has only grown since her youth. He started quoting his daughters a few years ago online, and since then, people have grown to love the little snippets.

Her answers and statements in general are hilarious and people adore her all over the internet. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

#1 Learning about dragons.

#2 Kangaroo on a trampoline.

#3 Mother wearing makeup to look pretty.

#4 Do boys like Frozen?

#5 The problem of having infinity dollars.

#6 He drew her a dinosaur.

#7 What’s that guy doing kissing her for CPR?

#8 Who ate the cookies?

#9 Congratulations on making the baby.

#10 Kylo Ren and the deserving patricide.

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