Dad Live Tweets ‘Utter-Carnage’ Of Class Field Trip To Science Museum With 60 Kids & It’s A Hilarious Ride

I feel for this guy.

I mean he had to go to a trip with 60 ten year old kids. That sounds like a start of something that nobody wants to be in. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids but we can all agree that they can be bats**t crazy at times.

Well I don’t know about the kids in this field trip but I am sure the guy had gone completely crazy by the end of it. And I can completely understand why. You see he had seen a lot of things that day and he decided to share it all with us.

You have been warned. So scroll down below and read about the ‘utter-carnage’ of a class field trip.

Source: Imgur

Huge amount of f**kery.

Called him ‘Bruv.’

Seatbelts in coach.

Travel sickness.

Needing the Toilet.

30% needing the toilet.

Farts everywhere.

Blaming someone else.

Medieval mortuary.

Absolute mug.


Royal Family.

Lost their minds.

Absolute textbook.

Three flights of stairs.

Left behind.

Poop with peanuts.

The crystal maze.

Slime and putty.

Feets hurting.

Laughing maniacally.

Lots more crying.

Do you have pubes?

Thats it.

Next time.

What were your thoughts on this emotional rollercoaster ride? Have you ever had to deal with so many children at once? If so, How did it go? Comment down below and let us know.

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