Vigilante Dad Catches The Pervert Sending His Teen Daughter Nudes

Sending Un-Precedented Nudes Is Wrong On So Many Levels.

It can be very creepy and disturbing when a stranger sends you a nude that no one asked for. It can be much more disturbing if a thirty-three-year-old man sends a nude to a teenage girl. It’s not only wrong, but it is also illegal.

However, the law does not stop child predators as you can tell by watching the news. So when a 33-year-old man messaged a teen in Oklahoma, her dad was furious. So, rather than just calling the police, they decided to set up a ‘sting operation’.

The whole think worked as intended, and they caught the whole scenario on video. I don’t believe that you should take the law into your own hands, but I can also see that the dad just wanted to protect his daughter.

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I Would Not Recommend Doing The following And Neither Would The Police.

However, he monitored his daughter’s activities through a software, the suspect was sending her photographs and also explicit messages.

The family decided to pose as the teenager and invited the suspect to a tent in their backyard. The teenager, however, was sleeping safe and sound in her bedroom. Not surprisingly the suspect showed up.

“So the moment he entered my yard, that point in time, I had to do what was right as a father, You walked into the wrong backyard. That’s all there is to it.” The father told the station.

Via Youtube

He Certainly Did Walk In The Wrong House.

“As he walked in and looked into the tent, my first nephew jumped out, my cousin jumped out after that and I came with the zip ties, He admitted immediately that he was there to have sex with my daughter.” The father continued.

“He had planned everything with her, He was ready, and we were, too.”

The suspect is still anonymous until formal charges are passed against him. “As a parent, I don’t blame them. Although police don’t necessarily recommend this tactic. I think it’s their right to protect their children.” Jody Suit of Del City Police Dept said.

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