Dad Posts All The Hysterical Things His Four Daughters On Twitter & It’s Hilarious

James Breakwell is a popular Twitter user who regularly posts about the difficulties of parenting.

With four daughters, and a whole lot of headaches, being a dad is a far cry from being easy. In fact, given his tweets, one might say it’s the second hardest thing in the world. The first hardest being the mother, of course.

Breakwell’s hilarious tweets are funny and true. There are countless parents, or even non-parents, who know what it’s like to deal with small children. It hits home for us all, and reading his tweets might either make or break your desire for parenthood.

#1 Puberty.

#2 Daycare.

#3 What’s he supposed to do after this?

#4 Llamaman.

#5 Pfft. Dadhood is easy.

#6 Macroni and cheese.

#7 The things that children think of…

#8 Art is murder, and murder is art.

#9 Mommy vs Mailman.

#10 Babies eat everything. Except for baby food.

#10 Chocolate chips.

#11 Disneyland.

#12 Fashion show.

#13 Tweeting problem.

#14 And finally, proof of his daughters.

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